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Water Bowsers

A water bowser is how many people refer to a water tanker, or water tank. Water bowsers are trailer mounted units normally up to 2000 litres, towed behined 4x4 vehicles. A water bowser is the most cost effective way of making a small volume water delivery.

Apart from just delivering water, water bowsers can be delivered to site, and used as storage for short periods of time. Bowser or water tanker hire can be from as little as £45.00 per week. As with our water tankers, each water bowser will only ever be used for the transportation and storage of a quality assured water supply.

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Water Tanker Hire

There are many logistics companies who offer water tanker hire, or offer them in their fleet. More often than not, these vehicles are used for transporting milk, beer or general food products around the country. As a water supplier, at Alternative Water Supply we only have dedicated drinking water tanker hire, as we do not put any other products inside them. Because of this we are able to quality assure each water delivery made using our water tankers to all of our clients.

Bulk water deliveries can be made across the country using 26 to 30000 litre articulated water tankers. Supplying up to 1 million litres of potable water in a 10 hour, overnight period is well within our operational capabilities. For smaller deliveries, or where access is a problem we also have a fleet of 10 and 15000 litre rigid water tankers. These smaller water tankers are used mainly in built up areas. Their compact form allows them to make bulk water deliveries swiftly and economically, as they can discharge their loads of quality assured wholesome water in as little as 30 minutes.

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